Asami Motozuka|asaru

Born in Japan, live in Berlin since 2018. I produce my works by various methods including space-constructing installation using my drawings, ready-made products, and myself-made devices 3D works and collage of the photos taken by myself. In recent years, I have focused on “reproduction” and “copying”. I published a book made with the concept of “myself becoming a printer and printing pictures” in 2017. I paint digital paintings since 2020 and started to make NFT of my works in 2021. I will plan to make works that connect the real world with the virtual space.

2011.2       KARA  SHAMUA  gallery(OSAKA)>
2011.7       light sourceVendange+LIM(OSAKA)
2011.9       light sourceTraveling exhibition  tentotengallery(OSAKA)
2012.9       When rain falls down on a hierarchy iTohen(OSAKA)
2013.12     Lack of gravity,looping oxygenSALAD BOWL(TOKYO)
2014.8       Transit of irregular particlesla galerie (OSAKA)
2014.12     Flash of things driftingPrinz(KYOTO)
2016.8       Printed by asaru | Publication Memorial ExhibitionKnot Gallery(TOKYO)
2017.10     Printed by asaru2 | Publication Memorial ExhibitionCOPY」】
2018.4       Printed by asaru2 | Publication Memorial ExhibitionCOPY」】
2012.2       iTohen recommended artist exhibition 糸 _eightiTohen(OSAKA)
2017.11     DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4Simokitazawa Generations(Taipei)
2017.11     DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4kiik(TOKYO)
2020.1     Your past and your futureTHE ART OF SEPTEMBER (AMSTERDAM)
2014.5       Kenta Kobato PoetryPeach of lemon』(Provided Illustrations)
2015.5       Photo albumAfter image』(DOOKS publication)
2016.8       Drawing art bookPrinted by asaru』(DOOKS publication)
2017.10     ZINEMetamorphose』(Self publication)
2017.10     Drawing art bookPrinted by asaru 2』(DOOKS publication)