Asami Motozuka (asaru)
      Born in Nara Japan ,and lives in Berlin since 2018. An artist.
      From 2011, she produces her works by various methods including:space-constructing
      installation using her drawings,ready-made products, and her self-made
      devices; 3D works; and collage of the photos taken by herself.
      Also, she have published books made with the concept of
       "herself becoming a printer and printing pictures"
      The theme of recent work creation is "copy" and "invalidation of essence”.
      2011.2       【KARA】  SHAMUA  gallery(OSAKA)>
      2011.7       【light source】Vendange+LIM(OSAKA)
      2011.9       【light source】Traveling exhibition  tentotengallery(OSAKA)
      2012.9       【When rain falls down on a hierarchy】 iTohen(OSAKA)  
      2013.12     【Lack of gravity,looping oxygen】   SALAD BOWL(TOKYO)
      2014.8       【Transit of irregular particles】   la galerie (OSAKA)
      2014.12     【Flash of things drifting】   Prinz(KYOTO)
      2016.8       【Printed by asaru | Publication Memorial Exhibition】   Knot Gallery(TOKYO)
      2017.10     【Printed by asaru2 | Publication Memorial Exhibition「COPY」】
                           FALL Gallery(TOKYO)
      2018.4       【Printed by asaru2 | Publication Memorial Exhibition「COPY」】
      2012.2       【iTohen recommended artist exhibition 糸 会 糸_eight】iTohen(OSAKA)
      2017.11     【DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4】Simokitazawa Generations(Taipei)
      2017.11     【DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4】kiik(TOKYO)
      2020.1     【Your past and your future】THE ART OF SEPTEMBER (AMSTERDAM)
      2014.5       Kenta Kobato Poetry『Peach of lemon』(Provided Illustrations)
      2015.5       Photo album『After image』(DOOKS publication)
      2016.8       Drawing art book『Printed by asaru』(DOOKS publication)
      2017.10     ZINE『Metamorphose』(Self publication)
      2017.10     Drawing art book『Printed by asaru 2』(DOOKS publication)

    本塚 麻美 (asaru)
    〈個  展〉
      2011.2      【カラ展】  SHAMUA  gallery(大阪)
      2011.7      【光源】Vendange+LIM(大阪)
      2011.9      【光源】 企画巡回展  tentotengallery(大阪)
      2012.9      【ヒエラルキーに雨が降る】 iTohen(大阪)  
      2013.12    【たりない重力、ループする酸素】   SALAD BOWL(東京)
      2014.8      【不規則な粒子のトランジット】   la galerie (大阪)
      2014.12    【漂流する万物のフラッシュ】   Prinz(京都)
      2016.8      【Printed by asaru】   Knot Gallery(東京)
      2017.10      Printed by asaru2出版記念展【COPY】   FALL Gallery(東京)
      2018.4        Printed by asaru2出版記念展【COPY】   hitoto(大阪)
      2012.2      【iTohen 推薦作家展 糸 会 糸_eight】iTohen(大阪)
      2017.11    【DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4】Simokitazawa Generations(台北)
      2017.11    【DOOKS Book Exhibition Vol.4】kiik(東京)
      2020.1     【Your past and your future】THE ART OF SEPTEMBER (アムステルダム)
      2014.5      小鳩ケンタ詩集『檸檬のピーチ』(イラスト担当)
      2015.5      写真集『After image』をブックレーベルDOOKSより出版
      2016.8      ドローイング集『『Printed by asaru』(DOOKS publication)
      2017.10     ZINE『Metamorphose』(Self publication)
      2017.10    ドローイング集『『Printed by asaru2』(DOOKS publication)

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